It’s a tale as old as time; “this younger generation is lazy, entitled, blah blah blah”. In reality, Gen Z just has a different approach to employment. We invite prospective employees and employers to free their work.

Manifesto Video

App Integration

We created an app integration that incorporates Gen Z’s favorite activity: swiping. Gen Z has so much choice at their fingertips in every aspect of their lives. Expressing the idea that you can try out jobs without long-term commitment through freelancing.


OOH Targeting Gen Z

On-Boarding Boxes
When a freelancer completes their first paid gig they will receive an onboarding box celebrating them joining the Upwork community.

Employee Benefits

92% of college seniors believe employers should offer mental or emotional health benefits. This is an active partnership that shows that Upwork cares about the wellness of their community.

Digital Targeting Businesses

When Pantone predicts the NYFW summer color and workwear is unironically the biggest trend during wfh... there’s only one answer. Introducing the trend-setting work(from home)wear by Dickies & Upwork. The perfect coverall for rolling up your sleeves and hitting the mines/email inbox.

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