The Dating App for Airports

CW: Neha Embar | XD: Meg Monroe

There is a certain air of romance to the airport, but even within a liminal passage, many people won’t strike up a conversation. What if we made connection as easy as a swipe?

Introducing a dating app used exclusively in airports.


Users have the opportunity to input their travel information (airport, departure time, terminal, gate, etc) and meet fellow travelers on the same path. View the full app walk through here.

Arrival Getaway Lounge

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Take a breath and sip on drinks at our lounge, sponsored by AWAY luggage.

AWAY Luggage Partnership

With an AWAY luggage purchase, customer’s receive full access to the exclusive Arrival Getaway Lounge. Away, known for its strength in capturing the business and millennial travel audience, offers a better way to travel, together.

Read Upon Arrival

Within the lounge, guests can participate in a letter exchange when they make a connection. Letters get mailed and can be accessed in the Arrival lounge at your home airport.

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